Monday, November 09, 2009

What Are You Reading On Monday

A weekly event hosted by J. Kaye’s Book Blog to discuss your reading week ~ the books you've read and those you plan on reading in the coming week.

Well you know what they say about best laid plans ... I am now adopting a new mantra ... don't make any :-)

Talk about a hideous week! Sadly Alaine and I missed out on scrapbook camp, after 2 days of Doctor & hospital visits and an urgent MRI for my best friend and then a trip to the hospital on Friday for my son, we were both too emotionally and physically exhausted to go on camp. Alaine is still waiting on test results for possible MS so its a very stressful time for her and her family but I keep thinking if enough people think good thoughts then of course everything will be ok. Callum (my 15yr old) had a bleed in his bicep muscle requiring an infusion, an unusual bleed to have with his type of bleeding disorder, so the specialist did some more testing and it looks like he also has a platelet functioning disorder. They just don't know which one so more blood tests are required. Not to mention coming from the high of my eldest son's 18th (was it really only last weekend) to the worrying news of his girlfriend needing an appointment with a cardiac specialist.

You're kidding me, right?? At this point I'm alternating from shaking my head in disbelief, making terribly inappropriate jokes & laughing at the total insaneness of this week.  I'm in serious talks with my mum, (in heaven) asking her to put a in a good word for us and keep all my loved ones safe. Love you Mum xx

I'm actually quite proud of myself that I managed to do a review considering the week that was. I know it might not seem like much but for me it was a huge achievement. The need to share my love of Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater, outweighed my lack of motivation to produce a review :-) check out my review here if you missed it during the week.

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Books Completed Last Week:

HOME SAFE by Elizabeth Berg - 3.5 stars (review coming)


This Week's Reading List:

GRACELING by Kristen Cashore - page 146

DEFINITELY DEAD by Charlaine Harris (audiobook) - chapter 2

CATCHING FIRE by Suzanne Collins

BLUE MOON by Alyson Noel


And once again this is my reminder for reviews still to do :-)

Home Safe

The Hunger Games

Twenty Boy Summer

At Graves End


The Painted Veil

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  1. I can't believe you managed to get even one book and review done given your week. I hope this coming week has good news for Alaine and that it is easier all the way around.

  2. I'm sorry to hear about what you and your family have been going through.

  3. I had no idea about thoughts will be with her and her family. She is an incredible person and blogger. And the same with your must be driving you crazy not to know what's going on. Virtual hugs from me!

    I don't even know how you managed to read or review anything!

    Hope this week is better for everyone!

  4. I'm so sorry to hear your son and friend are in distress. You're right about the good of good thoughts. I'll pray for you and yours.
    I'm impressed that you had the gumption to write a review despite all that's been going on. I get so behind, and I have way less on my plate! Kudos!
    BTW, great books this week! Catching Fire is excellent! One of my favorites. Hope you enjoy a safe and uneventful week of blissful reading.


  5. ACK what a week :( YUCKY!

    Your to read list is awesome - I have read blue moon and just got Graceling and Catching Fire - I cant wait to read those too! :)

  6. At leat you didn't increase the amount of reviews you have to do! I was terribly impressed that you got a review done, cause I don't even have the energy to nag you LOL. Thanks for the cuppa this morning! Love ya!

  7. Wow - you do have a lot going on. Praying for your family and for your friend.

  8. Oh my goodness, what a week! I'm sorry it was so stressful and hoping that you get some good news on all fronts.

  9. You have a lot going on, my thoughts and prayers! I thought my week was bad enough with me being in hospital, I was wrong. (hugs)
    My Monday Mingle is here:

  10. Wow! So much to handle! Thoughts are with you and Alaine!

    btw...I loved your review of Shiver!

    I hope this week is better for you and your loved ones!

    Jenn M.

  11. That's really a lot to digest in a week. I hope your family and Alaine has some good news in store for you this coming week!

    That you actually managed to write a review in addition to all that's being going on is just amazing!

  12. I'm sorry to read about all these things.It has been an awful week. You and yours are in my prayers. With all this I can't believe you got even one review written.

    I loved your review of Shiver! You have a great looking line up of books waiting for you.

  13. Thanks so much to all my bloggy friends for your hugs, good wishes and prayers, they really mean a lot.

    I'm slowly getting around all your blogs, it helps to keep me thinking of other things :-)

    Amy ~ you're right not knowing is torture. Most of the time what you imagine is actually worse than what is.

    Jennifer ~ so sorry to hear you've been in hospital, hope you are on the mend??

  14. Ok, Ok! Shiver has moved up my TBR list : )

    Alaine is so lucky to have a friend like you in her corner. I'm keeping you both in my thoughts.

  15. What an awful week for both you and Alaine. I am keeping my fingers crossed Alaine pulls through. Some times these things are sent to test us. I hope it all turns out OK.

  16. OMG, what a horrendous week! I hope everything turns out okay.

    Did you like "Home Safe"? I loved that book and have a review of it on one of my blogs...Explorations, I think.

    My reading week is here:

  17. Well it sounds like you had a busy week and let's hope that this week goes a little better for you. I'll be looking forward to your reviews!

  18. Great reading list for the week to come - have a great week :)

  19. Wow - what a week. So sorry to hear about all the things that happened. Praying things will start looking up soon. Looks like a good reading week coming - I loved Catching Fire.

  20. Wow, what a crazy stressful week! I'm impressed you were able to get a review in. I sincerely hope that no more emergencies happen this week and that you don't receive any more bad news.

    It looks like you have some really great books coming up this week! Let's hope you're able to get to them :)

    Here's my Monday Round Up.

  21. Alaine is so lucky to have a freind like you! Hoping this week is much better :)

    I have or want all your books this week, enjoy!

  22. Holy Cow! If there had ever been a time to take a vacation from life, it would have been this last week. That's just too much. You and Alaine are in my prayers. Mercy! Enough is enough. Life had been ease up.

  23. What a distressing time you've had. I hope this week will be better.

  24. Talk about a whirlwind of a week! I hope things take a turn for the better very soon.

    Looks like you have some great reads coming up. I hope they provide a much needed escape, if only for a few hours. :) Happy reading!

  25. What a week you've had! I will put in a good word for you and your loved ones and hope all tests come back the way you hope they do.

  26. I get confused with all of Charlaine Harris' books - her titles are all so similar!

  27. Woah I'm sorry to hear about what you and your family has been through!

    I'm also sorry to hear what Alaine has been through this week too!

    I'm also sending well wishes and prayers your way!

    I enjoyed reading "Definately Dead" by Charlaine Harris. I hope you enjoy as much as I did.

    I like the cover for "Graceling", "Catching Fire" and "Blue Moon". Been hearing great things about them!

  28. God, I read about Alaine on her post and I sure think you are great friend to have. I am envious that Alaine has you :)

    But hearing what you went through.. oh My! dear.. you are really strong! I am in Awe :)

    Keep going.. there is a light there smiling at you through this phase of darkness! And I will put my prayers up to the lord for you, your family and ALaine's too! :)

    Take care!

  29. Dear Sheree, so sorry to hear about the crap week you've had. Having Alaine not well was only part of it, and I'm sorry I haven't contacted you earlier, I wasn't aware. I will keep you, your family and of course Alaine, in my thoughts and prayers. Please keep us in the loop. <3

  30. You're my hero just so you know. I'd probably curl into a ball and scream lol. Overload!!! But no, you're still reading and reviewing, slowly but still there! Kudos to you again <3

    You & Alaine and the families are in my thoughts =)


  31. Aww everyone is just so sweet, I love how supportive blogging friends are, you all made me cry!!

    Mishel ~ LOL I am screaming "no more" and then I have a bit of a sook and then I tell myself there are many others going through way worse and I suck it up & keep going :-) (most of the time anyway hahaha)

  32. Great list!
    I have to read Blue Moon.
    I can't wait to see what you have to say about Catching Fire.

    Side Note: I follow your blog in GoogleReader but I thought I put my mug into your follower list. Apparently not, I just did so. :)

  33. What a week! I'm so sorry. We just had a cancer scare with my Uncle. He had surgery and all looks good but I can sympathize with what you are going through.

    What a strong lady you are! Jake, Gregory and I wish you and your friends and family all the best, and please know that you are in our nightly prayers.

    We'll anticipate good news soon!

  34. I am so sorry to read this. My thoughts and prayers are with all of you way down under. You will get through this, you and Alaine. You two are more like sisiters than anything. Stay positive and hang in there.


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