Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Mum & The Mutant Cockroach

What you may ask does my mum have to do with a mutant cockroach? Well not much, apart from timing. It has been 2 years today since my mum passed away from Melanoma (make sure you have skin checks people) and I miss her everyday. I woke in the wee hours with a fright, wondering if I'd had a nightmare but eventually worked out that weird scratching noises had disturbed my sleep. Turning on the light with apprehension (actually sheer terror ... what if it's a mouse?) to be greeted by a cockroach on steroids doesn't top my list of fun things to do. I kid you not, this hideous thing was a cross between a cockroach and a cow or maybe a dinosaur ... cockroaches are descendents of dinosaurs (aren't they?)

Unfortunately it took as long as a dinosaur to die too! When my initial attempts to pulverise the roach's head failed (I don't move real fast at 4am) I used enough Mortein to achieve "death by drowning" as opposed to insecticide poisoning. Don't be fooled though, roaches are malicious and sneaky, they 'play' dead. When I summoned the courage to dispose of the corpse, super roach wiggled its legs and sprang back to life, Eww creepy! An entire can of Mortein later and ta-da mission accomplished; the fact that I now have Mortein dripping off walls and furniture is irrelevant!

Note to self: stock up on mortein just in case this thing has a family. Ughh!

Note to mum: divine intervention would be nice or serious therapy may be in order LOL.

Weary, teary and traumatised by a cockroach ;-) not the ideal start to mum's anniversary but with best friend Alaine keeping me company the day improved, and Alaine's vanilla slices helped. They were mum's favourites and top my fave list too. We had a lovely day scrapbooking, and I completed the layout of mum below which will hopefully become an album of memories. I love these photos of mum feeding an echidna at Australia Zoo. Love you & miss you mum xx


  1. Poor you! What a nightmare of a night. But a beautiful LO of your mum. I can't wait to see the finished album.

  2. Sorry about your mom. you must miss her so much...and a scrapbook is a great way to restore a little bit of her..

    p/s:I hate cockroaches too!

  3. Ugh how icky of a night, but I love the scrapbook page you made.

  4. glad you conquered the roach! and very glad you had a good day.

  5. Ew...we used to live in southern Louisiana where there are giant cockroaches all over. I definitely don't miss those!

    So sorry you lost your mum - I can't even imagine it.

    Sounds like you had a nice day remembering her, though, with a good friend.


  6. LMAO over dinosaur cochroach, you're very funny. Although having a fear of cochroaches that could rival any phobia known to man I completely understand and they do sound like mice when they are scratching around in something.

    It was a nice day and it was lovely to scrapbook together again. It's been a long time!

  7. hehe, i get giant cockroaches too from to time, i make sure to always keep a pair of thongs close by for flies and bugs lol.

    i love your scrapbook page, its so very beautiful, as is your mum.

    I know it must be hard today, and it's hard when people say try to remember the happy times. But it looks like you are doing really well on that front.


  8. What a gorgeous scrapbook page -- that is a beautiful tribute to your mom. I am still missing my mother terribly, even after 6 years.

  9. O.M.G.

    Really. You are, like, the wonder woman of insecticide...the prowling cat-woman of roach play. The almighty sorceress who can cast the can of pesticide and off the roach's breath.

    I shuddered just picturing myself in your shoes. I would be a hot mess, snot and tears.

    And then, all with your mum's memories in your heart and are steel!


  10. Your page is gorgeous! I love your mother's face...she looks like a generous and loving person!!

  11. Oh gag Sheree...cockroach! Ugh...not certain how you did that except that it must be done! This has reminded me of when I was in boot camp, upon waking I saw a cockroach scurry under and past my bunk bed...I was sleeping on the bottom. Creepy, but interestingly enough, at that point in my life, it did not phase me.

    I am glad that your day improved, that you had a good day with Alaine. Curious though, what are vanilla slices??

    Your scrapbook page is very lovely, a nice tribute.

  12. Oh Sheree that's so gross! You poor thing!!! I hate roaches and spiders. Actually Kylie made me scream last night because I thought there was a spider in the car LOL

    I'm glad you had a nice day with Mum, eating vanilla slices and scrapping. Your layout is gorgeous - such a beautiful pic of your mum.

    Love you lots and sending big hugs your way,

  13. I hope Aline and you kept good company on the anniversary of your Mom's passing Teddyree, I'm so sorry for your loss.

    As for the cockroach! Yikes...

    I'm glad he met his end.



  14. I love your blog!! Its so adorable!!! I am a new follower to your blog!! I am looking forward to reading more from you!

  15. =) the battle with the descendant of dinosaur which is very excellent to play dead huh..haha! u sure a funny person sheree....have a pleasant day ok. well, I'm happy to come back here on the eclectic reader..=)

  16. That's a beautiful scrapbook page and those photos are wonderful. I know this had to be a hard day for you, but you're lucky to have a good friend to share it with you.

  17. Fantastic story - laughing out loud and searching my floors as my skin is crawling just a bit.... BIG bugs freak me out!

    Beautiful layout for your moms book. You inspire me. I have been wanting to do that for years with my moms pictures and have something for my boys to have and cherish. She was such an incredible woman and I do not want her stories or her incredibleness (yes my made up word!) lost to the years.

    Hang on the memories Teddyree - of your mom....not the GIANT hopped up on drugs Cockroach... that one needs to go :)

  18. I would have screamed and woke the entire household Teddy! So I totally get you. Hairspray works well for future reference.

    Beautiful pic of your mom.

  19. You mom layout looks beautiful.
    Cockroaches are evil creatures!

  20. Sheree, you should write more, just for the sheer entertainment of your readers. You've managed to combine the hilarious with the poignant and created a great post. Glad it was special day Sheree, and your layout is beautiful.


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